Nicolette Agnew
Customer Review
I can't thank you enough for the great service. We were towed here with a dead car in the middle of the night. The next day the staff was on it, they diagnosed our problem and ordered and installed the parts. They were competent and courteous and our experience could not have been any better. We are from Canada and wish you were local so we could tell everyone about you. Every individual we had contact with was knowledgeable and efficient. The car is a 2015 Infiniti QX50. Thank you ever so much.
Lauren Simon
Customer Review
When my car broke down after driving all the way up north to Flagstaff from Scottsdale, I reached out to Nationwide Transmission. They were able to get me in right away and came to tow my car immediately for free. Upon arrival, Adam and his team were able to establish fairly quickly that my transmission was shot and would need a rebuild. They offered a couple of different options and were extremely knowledgeable and honest throughout the process. Although I ultimately decided to trade my car in, I so appreciated Adam's honest opinion. I really felt like he was a straight shooter who had his customers' interest at heart. Thank you Nationwide Transmission for your help during this otherwise stressful process.
justin howton
Customer Review
Adam and his staff are amazing!! My wife and I were traveling from Indiana to California when the transfer case in my truck had a catastrophic failure. They diagnosed the problem and got a transfer case the next day and got us back on the road. They even gave us a ride back to our hotel. I can’t say it enough how grateful we are. I highly recommend their shop if you ever have the kind of misfortune we had.

When my sister's car broke down 37 miles outside of Flagstaff, I was in San Diego and could not do much to help. I located Nationwide Transmission as a referral from AAA. These guys are heroes in my book. Al got straight into his truck and got to my sister and towed her car to their shop. Dale and Al made sure that my sister found a safe motel to stay out while they looked at her car. As we suspected her transmission was bad, but it is repairable. As far as our family is concerned these guys are heroes. - Lynn A. (5 star review on Yelp)

What I love the most about this job is that its not the same old thing every day. It's always something new, you're ether working on cars or helping out with odd jobs with the owner. - Anonymous former employee (5 star review found on

Very employee-friendly place to work. Co-workers cover for each other in absence. Loved working for the Owners. Met lots of great people working here. Employees had longevity at this work place. - Anonymous, former employee (5 star review found on

Despite the poor weather at the time of my breakdown, the guys at Nationwide had my truck up and running in about 36 hrs. with all new parts working great. They even got me towed to the shop, afterhours, for free. - Anonymous (5 star review found on Angie's List)

I was traveling through area pulling U-Haul trailer. Suddenly truck had no drive. Tow Truck driver recommended Nationwide Transmissions so hauled us there. They got us into the shop quickly and figured out the Transfer case was not working. They took it apart, showed me what was wrong. I could see the metal pieces from the broken transfer case. They were able to find a new rebuilt one in another town and the next day sent an employee to get it and then put in on. It initially only partially worked and initially they said would have to find another one which would have to be ordered and would take several days. They knew we were on a deadline to arrive at our destination and kept working and diagnosing the problem. They were able to solve the problem that day. The next morning we picked up our truck and were on our way. As we had to stay in Flagstaff over night, they even had an employee, Allen thank you, take us to a motel and pick us up to get our truck. Adam, the service tech was very knowledgeable and helpful. He fully explained everything to us and the costs so there were no surprises except the pleasant one of them being able to diagnose and fix the problem with the new transfer case. I would highly recommend them if you need transmission service. I did call a Ford dealer first but they were "really tied up right now." - Anonymous (5 star review found on Angie's List)

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