I had a pretty great experience here actually! The guys who worked here were nothing but helpful when a discontinued trailing arm broke on my Ford Escort. Even though they (and every shop in the surrounding area) couldn't find the part for sale, these guys created one and welded it onto my car. My girlfriend and I drove all the way home from Flagstaff to Michigan with no problems, so I'm very grateful they were progressive, helpful, and cheap. In addition, the owner sold me a new tire for really cheap. I recommend this place!

Blew a radiator and didn't knw what to do. I was out in middle of nowhere and these guys saved me. Honest and loyal, fast. They got my parts from Phoenix and pricing was honest. I would recommend any car issue to these guys. They always have coffee and munchies.  You guys are good in my book!! Thank you so much al!!! - Ian C (5 star review found on Yelp)

Mario and Dale were fabulous! Thanks guys! - Enrique R (5 star review found on Google)

My wife and her friend were taking a trip to Taos, NM. On their way they experienced some care trouble about 30 miles out of Flagstaff. After waiting for AAA for 3.5 hours, on the fwy in well over 100 degree heat, they were finally towed into Flagstaff. After some time at the repair station they ended up staying at a nearby hotel overnight and allowed to repair station to look at it first thing in the morning. That morning the repair station diagnosed the issue and told the wifey it was a transmission and it would cost $4650. The phone call I got was tearful at best, she was balling actually! I asked her to calm down and let me search for a transmission shop nearby. That is when I found Nationwide Transmission, I called and spoke to Dale who offered to send his tow truck driver over to her and bring the car over to his shop to diagnose. (SIDEBAR: Tow truck driver has no room in the cab for 2 frantic woman so he has them sit in the car while he loads them on the flatbed and drives then to Nationwide. Kinda scary but they thought it was fun.) After looking over the van Dale comes back with estimate of $4995 except his was two decimal places to the left!!! ($49.95) Thanks Dale, we won't soon forget your honesty and integrity. - Mail Shop (5 star review found on Google)

They provided us with honest feedback about an issue our car was having and pointed us to the dealership - where the issue had an extended warranty and was fixed there for free. - JB (5 star review found on Google)

Great work, fairly priced. - Grace E (5 star review found on Google)

Traveling through and had problems (2002 Odyssey), they got things working enough to get me home.They didn't lie or try to up-sell me. They treated me like an intelligent person. - Diane J (5 star review found on Google)

All I can say is these guys went above and beyond for us when our truck broke down. I highly recommend and trust this company to work on anyone's vehicle. Thanks so much Nationwide Transmission for getting our family back on the road! - Sarah C (5 star review found on Google)

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