At Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff, we understand the importance of keeping up with and understanding the latest in automotive technology. Gone are the days when fluids and vacuum lines were all that controlled the function of your engine and transmission, and we’ve moved into an era where computer control reigns supreme.

Lauren Simon
Customer Review
When my car broke down after driving all the way up north to Flagstaff from Scottsdale, I reached out to Nationwide Transmission. They were able to get me in right away and came to tow my car immediately for free. Upon arrival, Adam and his team were able to establish fairly quickly that my transmission was shot and would need a rebuild. They offered a couple of different options and were extremely knowledgeable and honest throughout the process. Although I ultimately decided to trade my car in, I so appreciated Adam's honest opinion. I really felt like he was a straight shooter who had his customers' interest at heart. Thank you Nationwide Transmission for your help during this otherwise stressful process.

The term u-joints are commonly thrown around when discussing a vehicle that exhibits vibration or driving issues. What exactly is a u-joint, and how do you know if one is bad? Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff has the answers.

shifter in park

At Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff, we believe that in order to take care of your car, truck, or SUV properly, you need to know how it works. Today we’re attempting to answer an age-old debate; is it ok to shift from reverse to drive before coming to a complete stop?


Transmission fluid leaks can often be a pain to track down. If you have a leaky transmission, Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff has some information for you on what you can expect. We’ve repaired countless leaky transmissions, and now we’re here to share some of our knowledge with you.

Car in Park

The key to maintaining a healthy transmission is understanding how it works. Here’s the rundown on shifting your car, truck, or SUV into park before it stops, from the professional technicians at Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff.

popping car hood

It’s likely you’ve been exposed to conflicting opinions about having your transmission fluid replaced. You may have heard that cars over a certain mileage should not have the transmission fluid flushed and replaced, because it could damage the transmission, or you may have had someone tell you the first thing you should do at any sign of trouble is have your transmission flushed. At Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff, our expert mechanics have the answers you’re looking for.

transmission fluid dip stick

At Nationwide Transmission in Flagstaff, we know that a key aspect of taking care of your transmission is understanding how it works. Here’s some info on transmission fluid types, in case you’re having trouble finding yours.

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